Partners, Carpenters

Partners, Carpenters

For 3 generations our company has been a leader in the demanding and evolving field of woodwork. Up to date with developments in the field of wood and new materials.  We provide our customers with modern solutions, reliable and high quality products.

With facilities in both Paros and Thiva, we use modern technology and artistry, we manufacture and deliver, according to the strictest European standards. Our woodwork is fully-assembled or semi-assembled to the desired dimensions and designs.

The Price list semi-assembled woodwork and materials 2021 will be available soon


Since 2009 we have introduced the highly innovative and treated Accoya wood for our constructions. The company's constructions are fully certified and carry guarantees of up to 30 years.
Accoya wood Features:
-Strength Class 1 (the best available and increasing hardiness)
-Separate Dimensional stability (significantly reduced contraction and dilation)
-Easy In machining and in manual processing
-Improved resistance against insects and mould.
-Non-Toxic and eco-certified product
-Higher Resistance to degradation from UV rays when the wood is coated with transparent materials.
-Ιncreasing Life for colours.
-Improved thermal insulation in comparison to the common wood species.
Available dimensions and qualities of Accoya wood
Price List Accoya wood 2021
How to use Accoya wood
The constructions of Kritikoswood are sold to professionals at wholesale prices and delivered packaged, throughout Greece, Cyprus and abroad.
Our wide range of products include:
-Frames, floors, deck, wall coverings, pergolas, specific requirements of timber.
We provide our partners with:
-The Possibility of training and technical support, the appropriate technical infrastructure and expertise.
-Professionalism at all stages of our cooperation, consistent quality and pre-agreed delivery times.
-Our company provides certifications and written warranties for your customers.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you might have.

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