Goulandris Museum of Contemporary art

Our company completed the works at the new Goulandris museum of contemporary art, located in Eratosthenous Street, in the center of Athens. It is housed in a 1920s neoclassical building with a new extension of 10 floors. The museum presents many of the works of modern art that were collected over the years by the couple Vasilis & Elisa Goulandris. As a company, we undertook the construction and installation of a total of 80 wooden windows, balcony doors, shutters and exterior doors with soundproofing, stainless grips and high security locks. All constructions were made entirely of Accoya wood as the purpose was maximum resistance to weather conditions and minimal requirement in terms of maintenance. We followed faithfully the instructions of the architectural team so that the constructions are in harmony with the aesthetics of the neoclassical building in which the museum is housed and the result of our work has inspired them! Here are photos and links where you can see our work.